Işık Elektrik has been serving in the electrical and lighting sector since 1960's.

Işık Elektrik, which is engaged in the export, import and marketing of industrial and commercial products, as well as contracting, lighting and project works; work with happy staff, happy customer, quality business principle. With the products and services it offers, Işık Elektrik, which is on the way to become a digital company that is a requirement of today, is; the sector in Turkey and the world's best brand prides itself as a distributor.

Işık Elektrik, which moved to its headquarters with a closed area of ​​3500 m² in 2017, also serves its customers with its retail store. Distributorship and application partnership of leading global and national companies in more than 50 fields, especially Siemens, Schneider, Mitsubishi Electric, EAE Pano, Resber Cable and Öznur Kablo, which are the leading companies in the electrical and industrial automation sectors with large and high quality product volumes. carries out collaboration with its vast experience and experience in projects.